• Meet Our Team

    Rick Horton

    Rick graduated from K-State in May, 2005 and married Ashley Wilbur in July, 2005. They have a daughter, Hayden, and two sons, Vance and Reid. Rick loves to research all areas of the farm industry, and looks for ways to be progressive and productive. It was his idea to start the seed cleaning business, and he built the first seed cleaner his junior year in college.

    Phone: 620-874-0331
    Email: hortonseedservices@gmail.com

    Alec Horton

    Alec graduated from K-State in the spring of 2015 with a degree in Agronomy and benefits the farm with his knowledge of the science aspect of farming. Alec married Molly in Febuary of 2016. They have one daughter named Harlow. He has loved the farm his entire life and enjoys every part. He has helped with the seed cleaning since its inception and is in charge of running the primary seed cleaner.

    Phone: 620-214-2417
    Email: hortonseedservices@gmail.com

    Ken Horton

    In 1978, Ken and Toni Horton were married. One year later they moved to the farmstead in Wichita County to begin a new life. A small farm home accommodated their growing family until 1991 when they built the home that exists on their property today, where both family and farm continue to thrive.

    Phone: 620-214-1460
    Email: hortonseedservices@gmail.com

    Matt Horton

    Matt graduated from K-State in December, 2011 and married Aubrey Williams in May, 2011. They have two sons: Kaladin and Axel. Matt is back on the farm, working in all capacities but specializing in the technical areas of the farm, i.e., chemical application spreadsheets, soil structure tracking, GPS, etc. He has helped with the seed cleaning since its inception and is in charge of running the second cleaner and the seed treater.

    Phone: 620-214-1070
    Email: hortonseedservices@gmail.com