Horton Seed Services

Horton Seed Services, located in western Kansas, is offering certified TAM 112, TAM 304, LCS Mint, T-158, LCS Wizard, LCS Pistol, LCS Chrome, Antero, Byrd, WB-Grainfield, WB4458, WB Cedar, and Joe for the 2016 wheat planting season. These wheat varieties that have been shown to be some of the best selections for the west and central Kansas area.


T158 is a medium-early maturity, high tillering HRW wheat variety released in 2009. The defining characteristic of T158 is its proven ability to produce very high yields in both dryland and irrigated conditions. It has a very wide adaptation across the Central and High Plains. Excellent tolerance to drought and heat stress, combined with the ability to make grain and fill kernels under stress, make this a wise, low-risk choice for western wheat producing areas. T158 has short, stiff straw, resists shattering and covers the ground well in the fall. It is resistant to current strains of stripe rust and has intermediate resistance to leaf rust.

Dr. Marla Barnett, Wheat Breeder

LCS Pistol

Shoot for Higher Yields
LCS Pistol is a drought tolerant variety perfectly suited for Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, and will perform very well in other drought stressed environments throughout the Great Plains. Yield trial data in 2014 places LCS Pistol in the top 10 yielding varieties in places like Hays, Wichita and Colby, Kansas; Enid, Okalahoma, and Burlington, Colorado. An offspring of high yielding T158, LCS Pistol is a medium-early, medium height variety with very high tillering ability. LCS Pistol has good adult plant resistance to leaf rust and stripe rust, along with excellent resistance to soil-borne mosaic virus.

Dr. Marla Barnett, Wheat Breeder

LCS Mint

LCS Mint is a medium height, medium maturity HRW wheat variety released in 2012. The yield data on LCS Mint is outstanding in dryland production zones. LCS Mint has a very striking dark green plant color and is well adapted to the Central and High Plains. This variety is photoperiod sensitive, meaning that it will vary its maturity year-to-year more than non-sensitive varieties, as LCS Mint responds to variation in day length. LCS Mint is resistant to the current stripe rust race and has excellent tolerance to acid soils, along with exceptional milling and baking quality.

Dr. Marla Barnett, Wheat Breeder

LCS Chrome

LCS Chrome is a brand variety that has topped LCS yield trials for years. A must plant on your farm, LCS Chrom has excellent straw and is resistant to leaf rust and stripe rust. With its medium maturity and height, LCS Chrome is a superior choice for growers in Eastern Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Parts of Texas.

TAM 112

Tam 112 has been a great wheat that we have planted since 2006. It has been either our top yielder or our second best. We consider Tam 112 to be the most drought resistant wheat. Tam 112 is also resistant to wheat streak mosaic, which is prevalent in the western Kansas area. Tam 112 is susceptible to stripe rust. In 2010 we had our worst stripe rust outbreak, but sprayed with Folicure and it took care of it completely, and the Tam 112 was still the top yielder.

TAM 304

2015 will be our third year to raise Tam 304. Tam 304 is best suited to irrigation, and it's ability to stand is superior, as is it's capability to be a top yielder. It is a medium to short straw wheat.


Byrd is best adapted for dryland production in Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas. It is a very high tillering variety that can recover well from early thin stands, along with having excellent drought tolerance through out the growing season.


WB-Grainfield has excellent yield potential and very good resistance to Leaf Rust and Stem Rust. Growers can rely on WB-GRAINFIELD for its very good test weight, standability and milling and baking qualities.


WB4458 provides growers great qualities including excellent straw strength, winter hardiness, shatter resistance and yield potential, as well as good test weight and drought tolerance.


WB-Cedar is a HRW wheat variety with excellent yield potential, as well as a good foliar disease package that includes very good resistance to Yellow (Stripe) Rust, Leaf Rust and Tan Spot.


Joe is is a Hard White Wheat variety for the High Plains. It has a medium-late maturity and good drought tolerance. It has good resistance to wheat streak mosaic, strong resistance to stipe rust, and good resistance to leaf rust.